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When it comes to starting a website, it is important to first have a clear concept of what it is you want your website to represent. Anybody can create a basic website, but what about the small features that assist you with Google searches? Or the ratings needed to get your website close to the top, instead of being burried in page 2 of Googles search? Research has shown that the majority of people who use search engines to find the services they are looking for, will rather reword their search than to click on page 2.

It takes experience and creativity to start your internet presence the right way. It takes someone who has done the research, that knows how Google and other search engines index web pages to give the best results. Search Engine Optimization is a basic requirement
With our help we can get you from concept to working product in no time! All it takes is for you to take that first step.



Starts at: R1700

  • Welcome section
  • About section
  • Works/Products section
  • Contact form
  • Footer section


Starting: R3100

  • Basic sections
  • Complex design layout
  • Basic animation
  • Carousell Gallery
  • Slideshow


Starting: R4600

  • Basic sections
  • Advanced animation
  • E-commerce platform
  • Full SEO
  • Rating integration


Keep in mind, you get what you pay for. There is no fixed rule that a Basic package cannot have advanced animation, this is merely to show what it is that you can expect. But do not worry, all websites designed by JL Web Designs logo are inspired by the popular "mobile-first" concept, meaning your website will fit to any screen size, and promises to always look good.

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