Est 2018


JL Web Designs

Who are we?

JL Web Designs is a brand new Website design company started in June 2018 for the sole purpose of bringing balance to the market without compromising on quality, utilizing the latest design techniques available.

So what will JL Web Designs do for me?

Let's be honest. This is not Utopia, so you get what you pay for. A designer will meet with you and incorporate your vision into digital space in the best way we know how. There are basic products that will be discussed to decide on the best option for you, without forcing something on you that you do not need. The packages are not fixed, the price will be going up or down depending on what you want your website to do.

During the development phase you will be kept in the loop, with regular updates depending on the duration of the project. Once completed, you are not left out to dry. Minor changes and updates are part of the first 3 months support package that we offer with no additional cost.

Our primary focus is to make you look great! After that, we look at getting you noticed. Extensive research has been done to ensure that we are up to date on SEO requirements with Google. What is the point of having a website promoting your product or service if nobody can find you with a search engine? Should you take the SEO option we will do our best to mark up your website for the best results.